The integrated College of Nyíregyháza, with four faculties, including the Faculty of Natural Sciences  operates since January 1st 2000. The structure of the training faculty has not changed significantly, since the former  Faculty of Sciences of the Bessenyei György Teacher Training College continued its operation with its previously established, original structure  in the same training areas. Primarily, the Faculty only covered trainings in natural sciences, but later  social sciences, computer science and sport studies were also integrated in the area of training.
However, the integration has given a greater opportunity to cooperate with other faculties in the areas of research, teaching and service, and helped to prepare the changeover to the Bologna system. We could expand the number of trainings, and in contrast to the traditional teacher-training, priority has been given for non-teaching majors. Beyond the basic training courses, other courses could appear in the faculty’s offer, which would not have been possible to start individually. Such courses are the advanced specialization in Expert in tourism management, which is run in   cooperation with the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, or the sports management BSc training program also run in cooperation with the aforementioned  faculty.
Considering the fact, that the IT training area has became more and more important – which was clearly shown in the rise in the number of students - the name of the faculty was changed in 2008  into  the Faculty of Science and Information. Currently, the five institutes of the faculty (the Agricultural and Molecular Services and Research Institute, Environmental Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science Institute and the Institute of Tourism and Geography Sciences) cover the  following training areas by running the following courses: Natural Sciences (Biology BSc , Geography BSc, Chemistry, Ecology BSc, Mathematics BSc); Social Sciences (IT librarian BA), IT (Software Engineer BSc, Web Programmer Advanced Specialization), Sport Science (Sport Organizer BSc, Physical Education BSc, Sport Communicator Advanced Specialization), Hospitality (Expert in tourism management advanced specialization), and Teacher trainings MSc-level ( Teacher of Geography, Teacher of IT, Teacher of Chemistry, Teacher of Ecology,  Teacher of  Mathematics,  Teacher of Physical Education).