About the Faculty

The Faculty of Science and Information Technology
 The faculty comprises six Institutes:
  • Agricultural and Molecular Service and Research Institute,
  • Institute of Environmental Science,
  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics,
  • Institute of Physical Education and Sport Sciences,
  • Institute of Tourism and Geography.
The faculty staff has a wide variety of research activity on the following areas: ecology, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, tourism and earth science, different areas of chemistry, natural resources and sustainable development, research of human resources in the region, IT possibilities for cross-disciplinary research and educational activities, human research , prevention opportunities to maintain  health; environmental impacts; basic mathematical research. The teachers are involved in national and international professional forums and conferences. A  significant proportion of research topics are supported by applications and research contracts. The institutions are involved in teaching the following subjects:
Advanced training:
 Expert in tourism  management

• Web-programmer
BSc trainings:
• Biology

• Geography

• Information Technology Librarian

• Chemistry

• Ecology

• Mathematics

• Program Designer

• Sport organizer

• Physical Education  and teacher-coach
Master level teacher training:
• Teacher of Geography

• Teacher of Chemistry

• Teacher of Ecology

• Teacher of Mathematics

• Teacher of Information Technology

• Teacher of Physical Education
Postgraduate courses:
• Fitness Therapy

• Outdoor program leader

• Personal Trainer

• Sport animator
Természettudományi és Informatikai Kar irányítása


Kiss Ferenc (m.b. dékán)  

Dr. Kiss Ferenc (dean)

tasks: leading, controlling, personal matters economic issues

Dr. Balogh József (dékánhelyettes)  

Dr. Szép Tibor (scientific deputy dean)

tasks: scientific work, applications


Dobróné dr. Tóth Márta (educational deputy dean)

tasks: educational issues, quality assurance

Mikó Adrienn (kari ügyintéző)  

Mikó Adrienn (secretary of the faculty)

tasks: management, documentation


Galaczi Nelli Linda (faculty administrator)

tasks: daily administration, correspondence, reports


Kovács László (Student Union President of the faculty)


FSIT representation of workers at the institutional faculty councils and committees.