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Course Fees

Application fee: 100 EUR (non-refundable) - to pay in the same time with the application


Tuition fee:

  • Preparatory English Language Course (non-degree programme, full-time, 2 semesters) tuition fee/2800 EUR/year
  • Hungarian as a Foreign language (non-degree programme, full time ,2 semesters) tuition fee/2200 EUR/semester
  • Mechanical Engineering Bsc (full-time,7 semesters) tuition fee 2200 EUR/semester
  • Agricultural Engineer Bsc (full-time,7 semesters) tuition fee 2200 EUR/semester
  • Biology Bsc, Applied Biology Operator specialization (full time, 6 semesters) tuition fee 2200 EUR/semester
  • Music culture  BA choir singer specialization (full-time,6 semesters) tuition fee/3000 EUR/semester
  • Transportation Engineering in Aviation (based on a degree, postgraduate, full-time,3 semesters) tuition fee/25000 EUR /semester
  • English and American Studies BA Secretarial and Management Studies specialization (full-time,6 semesters) tuition fee 2200 EUR/semester


(The University reserves the right for requiring candidates for a 2-3 semester tuition fee before the visa application.)

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