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Application procedure

  • (application deadline: 15 of July 2020.  Starting date: every program starts in September)


  • Admission steps for degree-seeking students:


    1. choosing a study programme or Courses in English

    2. collecting application documents (CV, School leaving certificate (with notarized English translation, Proof of Language proficiency- intermediate level (Having a language certificate is not a compulsory requirement. English communication skills can be proved on the skype interview during the application procedure), Medical certificate of health condition (Download Form), Copy of Passport with photo and showing citizenship

    3.  transferring the application fee (non-refundable)

    4.  filling and sending via internet the online application form with the proof of payment of application fee

    5.  receiving an official email from the University about the received application form

    6.  After the examination of application documents sending an official email about the exact date of the interview

    7.  interview (Skype or via internet)

    8.  receiving offical email about the final decision

    9.  sending the Conditional Letter of Acceptance via post

    10. transfering the tuition fee for the first semester to the bank account of the University

    11.sending the Final Acceptance Letter via post which is the official declaration that student are accepted.

    12. visa procedure (With the Acceptance Letter students have to visit the nearest Hungarian Embassy and apply for visa. In case the visa is not granted to you, our institute will refund the tuition fee)

      13.  Upon arrival the university

        Students can move into the room at the student hostel. By the next step have to visit the International Office. All original certificates will need to be presented to the University. Students have to sign the long-term health insurance  and pay for the first year. The necessary registration forms need to be completed, and Student Agreement has to be signed. (Registration.)Students have to visit  the nearest Immigration Office and Apply for Residence Permit Card.



    (The University of Nyíregyháza cooperates with partner agencies .These companies will help students go through the application and visa application proccesses.You can see the list of our partners on our webpage.)


Please note that we cannot deal with incomplete applications – if any of the above – listed documents are missing we cannot proceed with your admission.


Bank account details:

Account number: 10004885-10002010-02003030

IBAN bank account number: HU67 10004885-10002010-02003030

Swift code (BIC): for EU citizens in EUR: HUSTHUHB non-European citizens in other foreign currency: MANEHUHB

Name of the account holder: Nyíregyházi Egyetem / University of Nyíregyháza

Name of receiving bank: Magyar Államkincstár / Hungarian National Treasury

Seat of receiving bank: 1054 Budapest Hold u. 4.


Please write the following information int he message/remark section of the bank transfer sheet:

-Your full name:

-Your degree program



Please note that the application fee (100 EUR) is non-refundable. The tuition fee is also non-refundableexcept for the following cases:

- The University shall refund the full tuition fee paid by the applicant if the program is cancelled.

- The University shall refund the tuition fee paid by the applicant after deducting transfering fee if the applicant attends the visa interview and submits all necessary documents and the Authority still rejects his/her visa request. In this case the applicant is asked to provide the University with a copy of the rejection letter.

- The University shall refund the tuition fee paid by the applicant after deducting transfering fee if the applicant will not to able to arrive to Hungary due to the the lockdown of COVID-19 situation. In this case, if the applicant must apply to the University to reimburse the fee.


  • General Medical Certificate
    (The  scanned copy of a medical certificate of satisfactory health condition issued not earlier than three months prior the application. The general medical certificates can prove that the applicant does not have the following illnesses: AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, C or any other epidemic conditions. and there are no medical objections to stay abroad as a student.)
    Official form is available here.



  • Visa and Residence Permit
  • In the Letter of Acceptance the Applicant will be informed to pay the tuition fee for the first semester. On receiving the tuition fee, the  Letter of Confirmation  will be issued and sent to the student. It is the official document that student are accepted. With this document students can start the  VISA application. Students  must opt for a Student Visa which entitles them to a residence permit for study purposes in Hungary.
  • Citizens of the European Union can enter Hungary with their ID card or passport, and need to have a European Health Insurance Card.
  • Citizens of non-European countries have to apply personally for a student residence permit at the nearest Hungarian Consulate.
  • If the visa application is refused, the University will refund the pre-paid tuition fee. Please note that the Applicant have to request the refund in a written form by indicating the preferred bank account and attaching the decision letter regarding the visa refusal. 
  • All students admitted to the academic programme in English are required to have a valid health insurance for the whole period of residence in Hungary.

Read more about Residence Permit for the Purpose of Study


  • Contact information

Zsuzsa Béda

international coordinator

University of Nyíregyháza

Sóstói út 31/b.
HU-4400 Nyíregyháza


phone: 00 36 42 599-400 /2027




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