Faculty Strategy

  • Improving the facilities and technical conditions of training through applications and the use of vocational training grants and support (laboratory equipment, IT, instruments, purchasing and installing a testing bench, equipment for the welding workshop, a mobile X-ray equipment, electron-microscope).
  • Improving the personnel conditions of training, preparing a replacement plan.
  • Promoting the professional development of the lecturers by supporting them in their participation in PhD or specialization or habilitation.
  • Preparing the curriculum for the engineer-teacher programme, submitting the request for launching the new programme, new special engineer programmes (process control, environment and water management engineer), accreditation of the new programmes.
  • Establishing a consortium with the local government of Nyíregyháza and the University of Miskolc for innovation and technical research programmes.
  • Promoting publication and science research.
  • Organizing various conferences and professional events.
  • Promoting the lecturers of the faculty in their participation in various domestic and international conferences and other professional events and in placing essays in journals of high impact factor.
  • Supporting our staff members in writing textbooks:
o        Producing individual career plans, based upon the ADMIR as evaluated by the individual departments,
o        Extending the international relations of the Faculty and the departments, preparing and entering into international cooperation contracts, increasing the participation of the faculty in CEEPUS and ERASMUS programmes,
o        Awarding outstanding lecturers from the faculties own sources.
o        Launching new recruitment programmes (a recruiting round trip in Transylvania).
o        Reducing student dropout.
  • Revising the present mentor system in order to improve the efficiency of the system.
  • Organizing catching-up courses in mathematics and physics.
  • Entering the Excellence Award competition in higher education.
  • Special efforts in two priority areas, ecology and energy concept between 2009 and 2011.
Dr László Sikolya
 Dean of Faculty