Mission Statement

Mission Statement of the  Faculty of Economics and Social Studies, College of Nyíregyháza
The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the College of Nyíregyháza is the center of economic and social sciences in higher education and research and plays the role of a coordinator in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County. Our mission is in harmony with the priorities stated by the county's government.  We can undertake the building and maintenance of regionality, inner integration of the county and cross-border relationships.

In order to achieve our goal, we have developed a wide-range cooperation system with the  businesses operating in the area, together with their associated economic and social sectors which help the development of the environment and the region of eastern Hungary,  as well as  the  neighboring countries also populated by Hungarians. We also provide assistance for the international economic, cultural and professional life. Our activities serve the Hungarian economy and society, strengthen Hungary’s international reputation and help the education of the new intellectuals who meet the claims of the 21st century.
To achieve the above goals, by continuing the traditions of the predecessor institutions, the faculty wishes:
1. to grant valuable, modern knowledge, up-to-date thinking, competitive degrees for the students;

2.  high-quality basic and master training, and specialized postgraduate training, to achieve a prominent role in the structure; to develop multi-disciplinary programs, to have access to trainings in foreign languages and joint  courses together with cutting-edge higher education institutions abroad;

3. to make world-class research ,development and innovation activity, to be able to give a complex respond to social challenges, to solve social and technological issues, in order to be recognized as a competitive faculty on European level;

4. to develop and operate efficient talent-support, to create attractive environment for education and research;

5. to create efficient and value-based relationship with the immediate and broader environment, to create a knowledge centre for the region.
Our institution exploits the results gained from the areas of economy and  social sciences, advocating the education of science, the principles of sustainable economic development, national and international intellectual progress for universal knowledge. We are committed to the values ​​for European integration, and contribute with our work to the development of sustainable international economy, providing a basis for environmental exploration, conservation and the efficient use of natural and human resources.
Our faculty has a broad and open relationship based on mutual scientific benefits in all areas of education and research with national and other international scientific organizations, institutes,  profit and nonprofit organizations to reach higher quality, and  to fulfil its mission.