Our Sport Association

About our Sport Association:
The Sports Association of the Teacher Training College was established in 1962.
Based on the administrative arrangements, from  December  1998, our association operates as a non-profit organization.

After the institutional integration (2000), the name of the Sport Club changed to - College of Nyíregyháza Sport Association.
To create a framework for the college youth – as much as possible – to have access to regular sporting activities considering their interest and ability.
It is also an aim  to support the unfolding of independent activity and community life; to prepare  students with Physical education and sport-organizer major for successful work and sport. At the special courses of our association, students can get an insight into the organizational work of the competitive and recreational sport activities and learn about the successful conduct of sport contests.
It was also a non-secret intention for our students to become advocates of physical education and sports at home or work, and take part in local sport-organization and leadership.
- to raise the demand for regular physical activity and sports, and to satisfy them

- to ensure material and personal conditions of uninterrupted work

- to find financial resources required for the operation, and ensuring it with the help of applications

- to introduce students to university and college sporting life (college leagues, sports meetings)

- to create the conditions for successful performance at the competitions of the Hungarian University College National Championship, and serial tournaments of the Universitas League, rewarding successful students

- to establish and maintain international relations.

- to research
Special classes:
Students can choose from 8 disciplines. Our association  invited eminent experts of the Physical Education and Sports Science Institute to perform professional work in the special classes. They have outstanding achievements. We run the following special classes:
- Athletics,

- Handball (male and female)

- Basketball (male and female)

- Volleyball (female)

- Riding

- Tourist and Leisure sports,

- Gymnastics (male and female)

- Swimming
Our association has riders, female basketball and volleyball players who represent us internationally as well. The last two teams are members of the 1st class National Championship.

The male basketball players have significant role in Eastern Hungary as 2nd class (NB.II.) team.

Our other classes participate in regional tournaments enhancing  the reputation of our institution.
We have commendable achievements at the Hungarian University and College Championship National Finals, with many league titles, and valuable places gained by our students. The female gymnasts, female volleyball players are outstanding in acquiring gold medals, but the brightest shining medals have been obtained from athletics, swimming, judo, table tennis, weight lifting, and wrestling.
Recreational activities:
Beyond creating broad range of competitive sports, we pay significant attention to recreationalsport activities.

All this – without being campaign-like – is  carried out each year based on an annual calendar of competitions by our Sports Association’s Mass-sport Committee. These activities are carried out with the help of the Student Union.

As a recognition of our work, and activity, the headquarters of the Hungarian University and College Sport Association East-Hungarian Regional Council is located within the College of Nyíregyháza, where college trainers have both the president and secretary roles.
Our  task is planning, organizing, coordinating and carrying out recreational sports for students at the higher education institutions of the Eastern Region.

We coordinate events of partner institutions at the north-south zones, and regional levels.
Higher education institutions  in the region:
- University of Debreceni
- Eszterházy Károly College - Eger-
- Károly Róbert College – Gyöngyös –
- College of Kecskemét
- University of Miskolc
- University of Nyíregyháza
- Szeged University of Sciences
- College of Szolnok
- Tessedik Sámuel College  – Békéscsaba, Szarvas, Mezőtúr –
We were successful in the applications to support recreational activities, which  resulted in regular leisure competitions in our institution. We organize faculty and grade championships like: football, basketball, street ball, mixed volleyball, table tennis, tennis, swimming,  and sports quizzes.