External relations and cooperation

External relation (Erasmus)
We provide an opportunity for talented students and researcher colleagues speaking languages within the framework of the ERASMUS program to participate in study trips abroad. In the past five years, 15 students have completed one semester in various countries of the European Union at higher education institutions (Portugal - Braganca, Viana do Castelo, Finland - Kaajani, Germany - Freiburg, Lithuania - Silauliai, Sweden - Gavle, Spain - Madrid).
The students of educational institutions from the listed cities spend a semester regularly at the College of Nyíregyháza, Institute of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Physical Education major.

Our teachers are actively involved in this work. In recent years, 10 colleagues have taken part in a variety of training courses within the ERASMUS program as trainers.

Partner institutions, the Institute of Physical Education and Sport Sciences has contracts with:

-Universidad Complutense De Madrid

-Campus de Santa Apollonia, Apartado 1135

5301-856 Braganca - Portugal

-Siaulia Uniresity LT SIAULIA 01

-Högskolan I gavle/University of Gavle

-Pedagogische Hochschule Freiburg University of Education

-Instituto Politecnico de Viana do Castelo - Portugal

-Kajaanin ammattikoreakoulu SF Kajaanios Finland
Cooperation Agreement:

1) The co-operation of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the College of Nyíregyháza, within the Olympic co- career program. Higher education support of olympic members and "olympic talents" at the college.

2) Co-operation of the Hungarian Handball Federation and the College of Nyíregyháza, Physical Education and Sport Sciences special college.

We wish to co-operate in order to develop  the organization and professional standards of the Hungarian handball sport, to mutually support  the programs, the operations and the promotion of results.