Our facilities

Indoor facilities:

Sports Hall:

30 x 40 m, one half is suitable for ball games, the other half is suitable for gymnastics and exercises, aerobic and volleyball classes. The facilities can be connected  to each other, so  it becomes suitable for national and international gymnastic competitions, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, korfball and floorball matches.
Athletic Hall:
76 x 24 m, it has polytan cover, a three-band round runway (1 circle: 155 m), for 60 m running it has 6-bands. Suitable for long-, triple and high polejump. The facility is also suitable for basketball, football (mini), tennis, street ball games as well. The hall is a regular spot for the city, county and regional indoor athletic competitions. Its condition-system makes it suitable for organizing international competitions as well.
Swimming pool:

25 m long, with 5-bands, 140 cm depths, waveless and alimented by its own thermal well.
Aerobic hall:
90m2. Mirror room, 20 pcs of Step stairs and other devices (for dance, aerobic training and martial arts training)
Fitness hall:
90m2. Modern fitness equipment (13pcs)
Riding hall ( hooded ):
1296 m2.
Outdoor facilities:
Athletic court:

An outdoor court can be found next to the polytan covered indoor athletic hall , which has 2 places for shot-putters, 3 discus and 1 javelin thrower slot. Suitable for the training of all kinds of athletic competitions, national and international contests. 17,900 m2 (400 m, 3-band)
Other outdoor courts:
  • 2 pcs of bituminous handball courts 2275 m2
  • 3 pcs of slaggy tennis courts 1860 m2
  • 1 pc 6-fenced bituminousstreet ballcourt
  • Grassy racecourse 5400 m2 and grassy practice court 1800m2



labdajáték terem

30x20m ball game room

20x15m room for gymnastics
atlétika csarnok

70x28 m athletic hall
5 sávos fedett uszoda

25 m long, 5-banded hooded swimming pool
rekortán atlétika pálya

400 m athletic court from Rektoran
bitumenes kézilabda és streetball pálya

bituminous handball and streetball courts
salakos teniszpálya

of slaggy tennis court

lovarda (fedett)

hooded racecourse

lóversenypálya (füves)

 Grassy racecourse                               20x15 volleyball room

 Fitness terem 

                  Fitness room                                          Aerobic room