The Institute


The Institute of Physical Education and Sport Sciences has of one of the largest number of students at the Faculty of Science and Informatics. The Department has diverse tasks. The largest area of our work is organizing physical education training for students in full-time and correspondence courses and our Bologna trainings:

  • Physical Education Teacher and Coach BSc
  • Sport Organizer BSc
  • Postgraduate Specializations

From September 1997, we have been participating in the training of teachers of physical education at university level as the remote consultation center of the University of Pécs (additional major). The department has important tasks in the preparation of the students majoring in School-teaching, and in professional preparation of the physical education students as well. Our trainers have numerous general tasks (controlling general physical education activities for non physical education students) as well as training courses and lectures.

Beyond our educational and teaching activities, we pay great attention to the scientific research and studies closely related to our staff’s work: education, healthcare, distance learning with the multimedia, physiology, anthropometry, education methodology. We take an active role in organizing and carrying out the intermediate level coach training (sport coach). Our trainers have the role of lecturers at the courses organized by the County Board of Sports, the NTR-based theoretical and practical trainings launched by the department.

Our professional camps (water-ski and tourism) are established, and due to the existing infrastructure, significant number of people can be hosted on these premises.

Our professional goals are supported by our great sport facilities, like sports hall (30 x 40 m), one half of it is suitable for ball games, and the other half for gymnastics and practise lessons. The athletic trainings and events are held in the athletic hall (76 x 24 m), which is covered by Rekortan and there is a plastic-covered 3-band outdoor athletics track (400 m) as well. We have a waveless swimming-pool with 5 lanes (25 m). Outdoors there are 2 bitumen basketball courts, 6-fenced streetball courts and 3 slag tennis courts available for our students. The training is supported by a gymnasium (10 x 22 m), with a high sport climbing wall (10 x 6.5 m) as well. For the aerobic training a mirror room (25 x 5 m) is available. Since September 2000, our institution has been expanded with a riding hall and a racecourse.

The work of the College Sports Association is integrally connected to our training. The activities here complement the educational activities. Our association was established in 1962. It would be difficult to enumerate its successes since then. There are 12 special classes: athletics, handball, women's and men's basketball, women's and men's volleyball, nature-related leisure sports, women's and men's gymnastics, swimming and riding classes. The successes of the professional sports activities at the specialized class are confirmed by countless university awards gained by our college students, in individual and team sports.