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Dear Students,
It was more than 10 years since a uniformly framed reform process of higher education has begun in Europe. On the 19th of June 1999 the ministers responsible for the higher education of the 29 member states signed the so called Bologna Declaration with an aim  to coordinate their policies of higher education, at least until 2010, and to achieve a formation of a unified European Higher Educational Area. This declaration is not a contract, only a voluntary decision, of the European communitiy, where:
  • to  study in other countries  or work abroad becomes possible as the countries which have joined the community mutually recognize the fulfilled and documented studies and obtained degrees;
  • studying a semester abroad is part of the educational system;
  • a high-level training exists after the change of paradigm and equal access is guaranteed ;
  • the achieved aims establishe the formation of the knowledge-based society and the implementation of knowledge, and thus provides economic growth, stability and peace.
For the past 10 years, the basic ideas of the reform process gained a number of objectives, all of which serve to develop a higher education network in the region and focuses on the possibilities of student mobility.
The implementation process has its own Hungarian history. Despite the fact  that we have fulfilled the commitments by 2010 according to reports, much remains to be done  in the field of communication  for a better understanding of the aims of these integrated principles, for  building a system from the elements of the process.
From 2006 the Bologna-based training has become common in our institution as well. But the Bologna Process was not completed by the declarationo f the European Higher Education Area, but another 10-year program was created. Ont he following pages we would like to inform you about the conten , the implementation process, the results and about the future tasks.
Though it is natural that we live in a new system, which provides larger opportunities, but which can alos be a maze  if we do not pay greater attention to deal with our own prblems within the framework of the broad system.
It is an emerging experience,that the period of training becomes longer in this system due to the greater independence of students. This situation   often occurs due to thethe lack of attention and ignorance . To reduce these shortcomings we provide continuous educational consultancy for our students.
We always draw students' attention to new issues , but we are here for individuals problems as well. For the latter - if it is of public interest -,we provide  answers that can be accessible  to the others, in case they are not of public interest,we deal with them individually  and find possibilities to solve them.
Take advantage of our services in order to implement your own and our  common interests.
"Because information is knowledge, and knowledge gives us wings to fulfill our desires."
Science - Competence-Regionality