Department of Psychology, and Infant and Early Childhood Education

About us

The Department of Psychology was founded on16th of July 1972.


Head of the department:

György Almássy, associate professor, 1972-1976

József Papp, associate professor, 1976-1985

Mária Madácsi, associate professor, 1985-1999

István Schmercz, professor, 1999-2005

Erika Vass Figula, professor, 2005-2013

Zsuzsa Orsika Pauwlik, professor, from 2013


The department was founded in 1972 with the main goal that college students, who study as teachers, gain an insight of the underlying psychological processes which can be beneficial during their later teaching career, as well as to be aware of the latest achievements in the field of psychology. Our lecturers also play a significant role in the instruction of the new generations of youth workers and experts of mental health.

Nowadays, in addition to the educational and welfare work our members carry out on a daily basis, scientific research activity is also emphasised.