Institute of Teacher Training


Brief History of the Department
The  Specialised Group in Pedagogical Studies was established in 1959 with the leadership of dr. Kiss Lajos,  followed by Vanczák József.  Later the Teacher Training College of Nyíregyháza  became a higher education institution.
The members of the expert group were teaching psychology and pedagogy, and they also participated in the training of students as mentors and leaders of teaching practice.
Later on, Papp József  took over the leadership of the  practical training.
In the school year 1962/63, when the Teacher Training College of Nyíregyháza was founded, the Department of Educational Sciences obtained an important position among the seven faculties of the college.
The small group of  six people/ led by Porzsolt István, Deputy Director and Head of the Department, associate professor, actively participated in the first years, in the so-called combined training, which was supposed to satisfy the regional  demand for primary school teachers trained within  the shortest period of time. The structure of the training was the following: a  two-year full-time education after the school-leaving exam, for the completion of one course, then a two-year correspondence course as a successful continuation which  ended in gaining a degree at another department.
From 1970, after the merging of the two institutions (the Teacher Training College of Nyíregyháza and the Institute of Teacher Training of Nyíregyháza), the experts on  psychology and pedagogy   joined the Department of Educational Studies working within the Teacher Training College.
The department, including 16 instructors and two technical workers,  provided the theoretical and practical preparation of students since 1975, as the staff members of the Institute of Educational Studies.
In 1984, the institute ceased to exist.

Between 1984 and December 2008 the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology operated as  separate units.

From the December  2008, it continues to operate as a unit Specialized in Education Studies, within the Faculty of Teacher Training,  called Teacher Training Institute, according to  the decision took on   April 1st 2010 by the Council of the Teacher Taraining Faculty.
Department of Educational Studies:
Services of the Department
The  staff members of the department assist the teachers working in the public educational institutions with professional guidance and lectures on the following topic areas:
Teaching and learning processes focusing on student co-operation (dr. Márton Sára)
Quality improvement in public education institutions (dr. Márton Sára)
Features of the European school systems (Hollósi Hajnalka Zsuzsanna)
Education policy in the EuropeanUnion (Hollósi Hajnalka Zsuzsanna)
Lifelong Learning (Hollósi Hajnalka Zsuzsanna)
The department staff members with their research capacities are at the disposal of the public educational institutions, and civil organizations of the region and of anyone who feel responsible for public education.