Institue of Applied Human Sciences

Teacher training  has a long tradition in Nyíregyháza.

The Teacher Training College of Nyíregyháza  was founded in 1962. The main profile of the teacher training college (from 1972 named Bessenyei György Teacher Training College), was training primary school teachers  until the integration in 2000.
After the integration of two colleges the teacher training was divided into two separate faculties within the College of Nyíregyháza. In order to  highlight the controlled organization and  supervised practice orientation of the teacher training (primary school teacher – and middle-school teacher training), and in order to prepare the students more efficiently, the College Council  decided to established the Teacher Training Faculty in 2005, which integrates the Teacher's Training Institute,  (Department of Educational Studies, Department of Psychology and Methodological and Practical training Group), and the Social Pedagogy Institute.
The decision concerning the faculty has expanded significantly the  prospects of the unit, and started such  organizational changes which has led to the accreditation and to formal registration of a new college faculty, the Teacher Training Faculty in 2007.
The Teacher Training Faculty had in view  to implement the competency-based teacher training. The trainings were rationally organized and their content was based on the acknowledgement of the principle that the teacher training was the result of  cooperation and common performance of more professional units (departments, methodology units, trainer and base schools, local and rural schools, public schools). The new faculty integrated those training tasks and experts who were responsible for teacher training, as far as their educational and research activities are concerned.
On September 1, 2013, the Applied Pedagogy and Psychology Institute was established. Within the institute, the Department of Pedagogy, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Social Pedagogy operated.
In 2017, the Institute of Applied Human Sciences was established, which was established by the former Institute of Applied Pedagogy and Psychology and the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies. (Institute of Social and Cultural Studies Institute was established in September 2013 following the organizational renewal of the Nyíregyháza College with the integration of the Institute of Applied Communication, International Studies and the Institute of Politics, which has been the independent departments of the constituent departments since 1978 by the predecessor György Bessenyei Teacher Training College.) Within the framework of the Institute of Applied Human Sciences can be found the Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy, Department of Psychology and Infant and Early Childhood Education, and the Department of Social Pedagogy and Community Coordination.
Social Pedagogy
The social pedagogy basic training is designed to organize and operate the pedagogy major. The training profile is highly versatile and highly practice-oriented, it requires particular educational organization and research orientation based on field work. The majority of the attending students come from the neighbouring counties, thus this major educate future professionals in social-pedagogy primarily for these two counties where there are many families and young people struggling with economic and social difficulties.