About the Faculty

The Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering of the College of Nyíregyháza – Our Vision of the Future
Based upon the expertise and experience accumulated over the past decades, the Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering of the College of Nyíregyháza intends to become a regional professional centre the effects of which reach out to the entire Northern Plains region and across the borders to the neighbouring countries. The Faculty plays an important role in the long-term employment strategies of the city and the county, offering educational, training, R+D and other services to agricultural and industrial users of the area.
As Nyíregyháza is located in the corner of three international borders, the college is in close cooperation with institutions of higher education in the neighbouring countries.
In the early years of the new millenium, the faculty is an innovative, financially stable educational and research centre with a wide range of domestic and international professional relations, offering educational and other services that are popular with the students and the partner institutions.
The Mission of the Faculty
The mission of the faculty is to efficiently contribute to training professionals who are sought for in the labour market of agricultural and technical professionals of the region and in the whole country. In addition to that, we also wish to become a scientific research and technical development centre in the county and the region.
We are committed to become a flexible, competitive and continually improving centre of training engineers, to prepare our students to the challenges of a knowledge-based society at the highest possible level.
Quality Policy at the Faculty
The ambition of the Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering of the College of Nyíregyháza is to become an institution of higher education that provides the region and the entire nation with professionals of agriculture, engineering and technology. The faculty increases its competitiveness by the introduction of advanced methods, the implementation of the latest technology and through an extensive system of domestic and international professional relations.
The faculty intends to meet the requirements and expectations of its partners in education and business, and to that end, built up and operates a quality assurance system in order to make sure that the internal and external quality requirements are met, and its students find a job in the labour market easily.  
In order to achieve those objectives, we do the following:
  • We monitor the changes in the labour market, and when we improve and update our training programmes, we
  • take into consideration the opinion of the employers and our partners,
  • we continually improve the quality of our training programmes,
  • we encourage our staff to attend further training programmes and we make efforts to recruit young and well qualified lecturers,
  • we make efforts to adequately return the high performance of our most outstanding colleagues,
  • we provide our staff a good place of work, good perspectives and the possibility of professional progress,
  • we permanently monitor customer and partner satisfaction, and we incorporate their proposals and remarks into our development plans,
  • from the 2005/06 academic year, the major training, research and service procedures have been standardized,
  • we annually revise and assess our work and update the quality assurance system as required,
  • we continually develop our quality assurance system and organizational structure,
  • we create a learning environment that is in itself an incentive to our students to study.
The leadership of the Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering of the College of Nyíregyháza is determined to permanently improve the quality of our educational, research and service activities and to develop the quality-oriented approach of the staff of the faculty.