About the Faculty

The faculty was established in 2000, the only organizational unit of the college that was created jointly by the two predecessor institutions. The faculty comprises two institutes and three departments, where nearly 4,000 students study. Modern knowledge and a competitive diploma is what students expect from our faculty and we are commited to provide these. The Faculty of Economics and Social Studies offers a wide range of high quality, student-friendly training courses that all develop the participants’ social skills, thus preparing them for their future career. In addition to training our own students, the faculty is engaged in the training of the students of other faculties. Our faculty is the home of two postgraduate (MA) courses: andragogy and international studies, and five undergraduate (BA) ones: andragogy, economics and management, communication and media studies, international relations and social studies. In response to the demands of practical training, in the new system of higher education, post-secondary courses were attached to the institutions of higher education. Our faculty operates eight accredited post-secondary courses, in cooperation with the vocational training centres and intsitutions in the region. The success of these courses is indicated by the fact that more than 150 students have acquired a post-secondary qualification at these courses, and the number of participants increases from year to year, at present there are 400 students at these courses. Our students obtain and maintain the most up-to-date knowledge at a state-of-the-art campus, and we are proud that we are part of this process.
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József Kvancz