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Prof. Francine Blanchet-Sadri előadása

Előadást tart Prof. Francine Blanchet-Sadri, a University of North Carolina oktatója "The Three-Squares Lemma for Partial Words with One Hole" címmel 2009 szeptember 22-én 10.00-tól az E épület 112-es tárgyalójában.

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Az előadás absztraktja:
Partial words, or sequences over a finite alphabet that may have
do not know symbols or holes,  have been recently the subject of much
investigation. Several interesting combinatorial properties have been
studied such as the periodic behavior and the counting of distinct squares
in partial words. In this paper, we extend the three-squares lemma on
words to partial words with one hole. This result provides special
information about the squares in a partial word with at most one hole, and
puts restrictions on the positions at which periodic factors may occur,
which is in contrast with the well known periodicity lemma of Fine and

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