Hungary is a relatively small country, its area is 93,000 km2. It is located in the Carpathian Basin in Central Europe. The country is bordered by seven countries: Slovakia on the North; Ukraine and Romania on the East; Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia on the South and Austria on the West.

Hungary’s longest river is Tisza with its 530 kilometres. The second longest river is the Danube, 416 kilometres long within the country. The biggest lake in Hungary and also in Central Europe is Lake Balaton with its 595 km2. The country has a continental climate: cold winters and hot summers. In extreme cases the temperature can go under -20 °C in winter and above 30 °C in summer.

The population of Hungary is approximately 10.8 million and its capital is Budapest (for a map of Budapest visit).


The Hungarian currency is Forint: 1 EUR ~ 280 HUF
1 USD ~ 215 HUF

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