International Relations

The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics participated in the international TEMPUS project, together with several other national and foreign institutes (University of Debrecen, Esterházy Károly Teachers' Training College (Eger), Karl Franz University of Graz, University of Ghent, University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse),  aiming  the application of computers in  teaching mathematics.

The research team of dyadic harmonic analysis at the Mathematical Science and Didactics Group is in close contact with the research group members of the Tbilisi State University (Georgia), and they have published several research articles about the results of their research. In fact several visits took place in the past two years between the mathematicians of the two institutes which increased the  intensity of the  research and strengthened the professional  relationships.
IJMTL, International Journal for Mathematics Teaching and Learning. This electronic journal of mathematics and didactics was founded by the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, CIMT (Plymouth University) and the Mathematics and Informatics Institute of the College of Nyíregyháza in 2000.
Primarily, they welcome articles of genuinely useful research, studies, methods and ideas in English that helps directly  the development of teaching Mathematics, for all types of schools. The international editorial board is led by Professor David N. Burghes and dr. Szalontai Tibor.

IPMA, International Project in Mathematics Attainment  International research in learning mathematics in school. These comparative longitudinal projects examine the  curricula in mathematics, syllabi, teaching-learning approach and the performance of the 5-11 year old students in 17 countries from 1998.
While, according to all national and international measurement of the 13-18 year-old Hungarian students' performance of mathematics have weakened during decades until 2000, the 6-11 year-olds  still belong to the forefront at the IPMA. National coordinator: dr. Szalontai Tibor
MEP, Mathematics Enhancement Programme The mathematics teaching program of the Centre for Innovation (CIMT, Plymouth University) for 4-19 year-olds began in 1997.  Along with the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand there are new inquiries which can be investigated in Chile and Jamaica.
Hungarian consultants and co-authors: Kis Szabolcs (Deputy Director, Eötvös József Teaching Elementary and High School), dr. Szalontai Tibor, Szabó Zoltan and Szalontai Gábor (Certified Software Engineer mathematicians).
ICSMTT, International Comperative Study in Mathematics Teacher Training The Project was launched in 2007, with the participation of ten countries. National coordinator: dr. Szalontai Tibor. Groups of foreign teachers and nominated mathematicians were welcomed in our practice schools or they were introduced to other schools.