About the group


History: College-level teacher-training was launched in Nyíregyháza in 1962.  The college was founded  with three  departments: the Department of Hungarian Studies, the Department of History and Department of Mathematics. The Department of Mathematics had two lecturers in those times: Dr. Szász Gábor  and Bereznai Gyula. Between 1962-69 Dr. Szász Gábor  professor, doctor of mathematical sciences was the leader of the Department of Mathematics, between 1969-82 Bereznai Gyula, college professor, between 1982-83  Gilányi Jánosné college professor as an interim, between 1983-2000 Dr. Varecza Árpád, college professor, candidate of mathematical sciences. The Mathematics Department was split into three units in 1992, namely Computer Centre, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, and the Department of Mathematics.
In 1999, the three departments of the college jointly  organized  the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, with the following departments: Mathematics,  Library and Information Technology, and Computer Science and Informatics. The founded Institute was initially led by Dr. Varecza Árpád , then between 2000-2004 by Dr. Czeglédy István PhD college professor. Currently, the Institute is led by Dr. Habil. Gát György. The Mathematics and Science Group is led by Dr. Kovács Zoltán college professor, candidate of the sciences of mathematics.
The most important researches
- Algebra: modular group algebras, finite dimensional representation of algebras, embedding problems and group algebras and untying of associated Lie algebras Engel-length groups and fuzzy groups and relations.
- Geometry: geodesics homology-theory of Finsler spaces.
- Combinatorics: the optimal sorting of algorithms.
- Analysis: The fields of dyadic harmonic analysis.
- Education, vocational methodology: participation in international projects. Development of educational textbook families, and educational programs, tool systems – in English as well. Test sheets, curricula. Mathematics-didactic e-journal in English.
- History of Mathematics: especially data of Hungarian mathematics in the twentieth century.