Scientific Study Circles in the Department

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The participants of the Study Circle of the Students in Environmental Science
TheProgram of the Talent Support Unit and Research Workshop of the Environmental Science

Our main task is to engage the most talented and most motivated students to the ongoing research and curriculum development work at the Institute of Environmental Science, College of Nyíregyháza. This will allow students to acquire and practise important additional skills, which are not available within the formal curriculum. In addition to developing general professional literacy, this work provides them knowledge that can be useful for their further progress with their studies and reinforces their position on the labour market as well. The trainers of the Institute of Environmental Sciences make ecological and environmental analytical tests, in which they involve students through their thesis  and their activities carried on in the  student research groups.
Involving the participants into the analysis of soil ecology and microbiology, and elemental studies  carried out in  the institute is one of the most important activities of the student group. It is part of their activities as a daily routine, that they use tools to acquire advanced skills (eg, liquid chromatography, nuclear spectroscopic technique), they can not do at lessons and practical activities.
The other aspect of the  activity carried out in the student group is developing educational materials. The main objective of the curriculum development is the presentation of environment - and health consciousness, and the concept of sustainability in school education.
In addition to the activities above, we are working to create an interactive website with the students involved, that pays attention to the chemical origins of environmental problems, their causes and consequences, and supports  students who  are interested in the environmental problems, and want to prepare for the admission to  the  MSc-level training.
As part of the program, students may be accustomed to work independently. Within the students' group and  together with other student groups at the faculty, they can make lectures about their works within organized presentations, and they may exercise their presentation skills as well.