The History of the Institute


The early years

As a result of a long preparatory work, the specialization of the teacher of environment protection was established in 1992. In the academic year 1992/93, the first full-time students specialized in environmental protection were able to begin their studies at Bessenyei György Teacher Training College.

The first logo of the department



From the academic year 1993/94  for those who graduated from biology, it has been possible to obtain a second teacher degree within the framework of postgraduate training.
The researchers and teachers of the Department of Biology and Geography, and the Kossuth Lajos University, the  Eötvös Lóránd University, the  Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Upper-Tisza Regional Environmental Inspectorate have taken part jointly in the training. Our goal was to train teachers endowing them with  accurate and systematic knowledge on environmental science, who are capable of forming a modern approach to environment and nature protection.
In 1992, the gradual development of environmental teacher training  started with a small number  of 10 people, and  gradually increased up to the the current training capacity reaching about 50-60 people per year  in the

 area  of the education of environment sciences. Along with the  institutional integration, which  began at the end of  the 90s, an important aim was to increase the capacity for training specialists in the environment sciences.


The old hallway