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History (test upload)

 The department was founded in 1967 with the aim to train chemistry teachers. Since its establishment more than 600 people gained a teaching degree in chemistry  and by thus  the Hungarian public education and society  obtained the same number of professionals. Our former students transfer their knowledge mainly to generations of students  primarily in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county and other parts of Eastern Hungary - or obtain jobs as professionals in different laboratories.

The training can be either full-time or part-time  in form of correspondence course and meet the national standards of qualification. We have tried to increase the level ​​of the training  activity until 2006, by expanding the number of majors that can be paired with chemistry (e.g. mathematics, biology, engineering,  home economics, geography, environmental protection, information technology, physical education, physics, library studies, foreign languages).

In 2006 a BSC course was launched at the Department of Chemistry with specialization in teaching and chemists.

Heads of the Department of Chemistry since its establishment: Sárdi Béláné (1967-1975), Dr. Szabolcs László (1975-1992), Hargitainé dr. Tóth Ágnes (1992-2000), Dr. Balogh József (from 2000). Lecturers, staff of the department, no longer working here: Dr. Balogh Árpád, Mészáros Mihályné dr., Pappné dr. Szabó Erzsébet, Dr. Nagy Zsuzsa, Bachát Lászlóné, Dr. Litkei György, Dr. Dobos Antal, Dr. Kiss Ferenc, Dr. Vince György, Dr. Tar Imréné, Molnár Pálné, Laskainé Bodor Anikó, Csizmadia Imréné, Krizsanovszki Tiborné.