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for sponsoring the public foundation of

“Foundation for East and Central European Research and Training”




From 1, January 2009 the East and Central European Research Centre has been operating at the College of Nyíregyháza. The Centre was established due to the increasing need of East and Central European history, culture, society, economy and professionals from several fields of society and economy with reliable language knowledge. Hungary as the member of the NATO and the EU has great chances in the region and only the ones with deep knowledge about the region have the opportunity to make the best of these chances. The aim of the Centre is to give comprehensive knowledge for those who are interested about East and Central Europe that can be used in different fields of life, such as in the sphere of economy. The Centre would like to work as a research centre and as a training institution at the same time.

The main orientations of research and training:


- Russia and the post-soviet region,

- Central Europe (Visegrád countries, Slovenia, Croatia)

- South East Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo)


In order to create the financial circumstances of the operation of the Centre the registration of the “Foundation for East and Central European Research and Training” has started in January, 2009 and the foundation will operate as a public benefit foundation. We would like to ask you or your company to support the fruitful operation of the Foundation.



Bank account number: 11704007-20247690 (OTP)




Yours sincerely,


Advisory Board of the Foundation


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