Pappné Aukszi Mária 2275 Molnár Zsuzsanna 2882  
Network Management Group
Halász Attila Mihály 2828 Dr. Szabó István 2258 Köbli Róbert 2727
Szabó József Mihály 2626   Molnár László 2520
System-Management and Educational Support Group
Andrikó Imre  2527 Kerekes Péter  2705  
User Support
Kovács Lajos 2013 Pálóczi Tibor 2123 Bartha Mihály 2704
    Nádasdi András  2367
Pál Mihály  2489 AV technician  2480  



Molnár Zsuzsanna (Zsanna)

Tasks: Webmaster and Content Manager of the University of Nyíregyháza. Updates and handles websites, subsites and microsites. Installs new subsites, sets up permission system. Teaches the use of subsites. Creates webdesigns.
Cisco IT Essentials instructor, IT English teacher

Areas: Drupal, HTML+CSS, Education

Personal: 1986, Pisces. I like singing, taking photos, making designs and webpages, playing RPGs. When it comes to music, I have a wide musical taste. Deep Purple, Hans Zimmer, The Pretty Reckless, Within Temptation, Massive Attack.

Email: molnar.zsuzsanna(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2882

Pappné Aukszi Mária (Marica)

Email: aukszi.maria(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2275




Halász Attila Mihály (Ata)
Leader of the Network management group


Tasks: System Administrator, leads the development team. Configures and controls network services and servers.  Operates Cisco and other networking equipments, configures firewalls. NIIF HBONE and regional representative. Education.

Areas: Cisco, Linux and Windows networking technologies, security, voip, wifi management. Talent Research / care.

Personal: 1975, Aquarius, technics-computer science teacher, Certified Ethical Hacker. Hobbies: yoga, hiking, swimming, archery, English language. A book is good, especially if it is written by Kurt Vonneguth. A good music: The Doors. A good film : Fight Club.


Email: halasz.attila(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2828

Dr. Szabó István (Pisti)

Tasks: System administrator, ICS deputy leader. Mail, Operates and monitors online network services. Handles security updates and backups,sets up LDAP and DHCP services.

Personal: 1974, Gemini. Hobbies: music, reading, hiking, archery, karaoke:).

Email: szabo.istvan(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2258, 2002

Köbli Róbert (Robi)

Email: kobli.robert(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2727

Molnár László

Email: molnar.laszlo(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2520

Szabó József Mihály

Email: szabo.jozsef(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2626



Andrikó Imre (Pocak)

Email: andriko.imre(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2527

Kerekes Péter

Email: kerekes.peter(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2705



Kovács Lajos

Email: kovacs.lajos(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2013

Pálóczi Tibor

Email: paloczi.tibor(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2123, 6123

Bartha Mihály

Email: bartha.mihaly(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2407



Nádasdi András

Email: nadasdi.andras(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2367



Pál Mihály (Misi)

Email: pal.mihaly(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2489

AV technician

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2480