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The WiFi network is part of the college’s network, so the rules apply to the use of NYFNET, apply to this one as well. Detail from the IT Rules of  the college:


III. 3. Probibitions apply to college users

1.  All college users may not:

a) obtain or attempt to obtain getting rights, which are not allowed to users,

b) hack or attempt to hack security systems,

c) transfer rights to others,

d) earn personal income and do profit-oriented activities, damage software and hardware tools, endanger their functions,

e) make unauthorized reconfigurations and modifications to hardware and software components,

f) start to solve the problem unauthorized in case of breakdown and

g) monitor network traffic and collecting data.

The full policy can be read on the following link:


The NYFNET is part of the HBONE network, which is operated by the NIIF Institution, and controlled by the IHM decree of the Minister of Communications and IT 20 / 2004. (VI.21.) IHM.

Details from the decree:

The use of NIIF network

7.§ The use of the NIIF network is prohibited for the following types of activities, as well as for tests and/or

experiments related to such activities:


a) preparation or execution of any actions being  contradictory to Hungarian laws, including, among

others, the following: hurting personal rights, illegal moneymaking (pyramid games etc.), hurting copyright (eg. illegal distribution of software, etc.);


b) making available transit traffic for the benefit of non-members of NIIF, including such an action based on goodwill,



c) forwarding NIIF services to third parties (non-members of NIIF), including such an action based on goodwill,

except cooperation in accordance with 5.§ above. Systems connected to the NIIF network should be

configured so that such illegal actions are made impossible (eg. open mailer gateways, etc.);


d) profitmaking, direct commercial activities and advertisement;


e) activities disturbing or endangering the ordinary operation and safety of the network and its resources,

including the distribution of information and software products serving such illegal activities;


f) unreasonably high intensity use of the network and its resources (e.g. letter bombs, networked games, unsolicited advertisements, spamming);


g) unauthorised accessing and/or use of network resources and non-public information available through the

network, including unreasonably high intensity experimentation with network resources (machines) and

services (e.g. TCP port scan), even if for testing purposes;


h) unauthorised modification, eroding, destroying, or any other ways of destructing the network resources or

the information available through the network, including any attempts to do so;


i) any activities hurting the religious, ethnic, political, or any kinds of sensitivity of  others (e.g.

communicating, distributing, making available hard pornography, pedophile content, etc.);


j) unreasonable disturbance of the activities of any other users of the network (e.g. spamming, unsolicited commercials, etc.);


k) unreasonably high intensity use of the network resources for private purposes;


l) exploiting the network resources and services for purposes being alien to the original  goal of using

 resources/services (e.g. sending irrelevant messages to newsgroups or mailing lists);


m) generating false network messages, mimicking network resources, misleading other users by such actions


The full regulation with supplements are available here:


Files for NYF employees to set up SSID:

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Files for NYF students to set up SSID:

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Password registration for students: https://hp.nyf.hu/hallgatoi