Dr. Toledo Rodolfo 2002    
Pappné Aukszi Mária 2275 Molnár Zsuzsanna 2882  
Network Management Group
Halász Attila Mihály 2828 Dr. Szabó István 2258 Köbli Róbert 2727
  Kató Gergely 2520 Szennai István 2929
Volentér Tamás 2626    
System-Management and Educational Support Group
Andrikó Imre  2527 Tischner Zoltán 2589 Megyesi Zoltán  2041
Kerekes Péter  2705    
User Support
Kovács Lajos 2013 Pálóczi Tibor 2123 Bartha Mihály 2704
  Nagy Zsolt 2709 Nádasdi András  2367
Pál Mihály  2489 Molnár László  2480 Lajtman Norbert  2480
Nagy Roland  2480    





Nagy Zsolt



Email: nzsolt(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2709





Molnár Zsuzsanna (Zsanna)

Tasks: Webmaster of the webpage of the College of Nyíregyháza. Updates and handles the site. Installs new subsites, sets up permission system. Teaches the use of subsites. Creates webdesigns.

Personal: 1986, Pisces. I like singing, taking photos, making designs and webpages, playing RPGs. When it comes to music, I like a lot of songs  from bebop to Japanese progressive rock, through epic movie soundtracks.

Email: zsanna(at) ,

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2882

Pappné Aukszi Mária (Marica)

Tasks: financial, economic, administrative tasks.


Email: aukszimarica(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2275

 Network Management Group


Halász Attila Mihály (Ata) – Leader of the Network management group.


Tasks: System Administrator, leads the development of the team. Configures and controls network services and servers.  Operates Cisco and other networking equipment, configures firewalls. NIIF HBONE and regional representative. Education.

Area: cisco, Linux and Windows networking technologies, security, voip, wifi management. Talent Research / care.

Personal: 1975, Aquarius, technics-computer science teacher, Certified Ethical Hacker. Hobbies: yoga, hiking, swimming, archery, English language. A book is good, especially if it is written by Kurt Vonneguth. A good piece of music: The Doors. A good film : Fight Club.

ITS building / Network management group

Email: halasza(at)



Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2828



Dr. Szabó István  (Pisti)

Personal: 1974, Gemini. Hobbies: music, reading, hiking, archery, karaoke:).

Tasks: System administrator, ITS deputy leader. Mail, Operates and monitors online network services. Handles security updates and backups, sets up LDAP and DHCP services.

Email: szabois(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/ 2258, 2002

Köbli Róbert (Robi)

Tasks: Windows Active Directory  and related managements. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). Controls Windows-based servers and the shared central storage. Database Designer and Programmer. IP phone account management and administration of telephone codes.

Personal: 1977, Aquarius. Hobbies: composing, practicing on various instruments. My room looks like a studio. Favorites: Asimov and Shelley Duncan (writer), Robbie Williams and the like (music), thought-provoking films like Matrix. I am science fiction and action series addict. Community activities are important for me, so I like to participate actively in  organizing  these events.

Email: koblirobert(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2727



Kató Gergely (Gergő avagy Mr. Pigeon)

Tasks: Hardware services

Personal: 1984, Sagittarius. I spend all my free time with playing music, in addition, I deal a lot with computers, cutting and editing short films, tinkering electronic devices. I like good movies, unique ideas and creative solutions.

Email: katogergely(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2520


Szennai István (Szeni)

Tasks: Linux System Administrator. Mail, VPN servers, virtualization, SAN management, allocation of storages, cluster building and maintaining.

Personal: 1984, Aries. If I have free time, I like sitting on the lake soaking the stick. : D Favorite movies: Matrix, Blade, Pulp Fiction, Inception,  Favorite music styles: Classical, Minimal, Goa.

Email: szennai.i(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2929



Volentér Tamás (Shaggy)

Tasks: Linux System Administrator and  IT Operator. Campus Network development and administration, mail, network monitoring system construction and maintenance.

Website Operation: creating environment for web pages, managing databases, administrating.

Personal: 1985, Libra. In my free time I often watch series, and I like Third Watch the most. I have a lot of movies, for example: Forrest Gump, Saw, Twelve Angry Men and Scooby doo ... :)  Besides this category of music,  I like listening to everything, still my favorite is Nightwish. If I have time I play ping-pong. I like to eat, especially spicy foods...

Email: shaggy(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2626


 System-Management and Educational Support Group


Andrikó Imre (Pocak)

Tasks: System development and programming. Using Oracle and MySQL database. Pascal, C, Java, PHP, HTML, SQL, PL / SQL language. I have an International Oracle PL / SQL Programming Certificate, (OCA).

Personal: 1979, Aries. Favorite movies: Braveheart and The Rock. I have a lot of  favorite music, but I'm not addicted to one specific style. I  danced in the Szabolcs Folk Dance Group  (Nyíregyháza) for 10 years. I really like my belly, I’m always in if it comes to a good meal.

Email: pocak(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2527


Tischner Zoltán

Tasks: IT worker

Personal: -.

Email: tischner(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2589


Megyesi Zoltán

Tasks: IT worker.

Personal: -.

Email: zolko(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2041


Kerekes Péter

Tasks: Manager of the electronic materials and online trainer at the College of Nyíregyháza. Manager and server administrator of the E-portfolio system. Technical support of students and teachers in teaching and e-learning,

Website Operation: Testing and developing modules, programming.

Personal: 1982, Virgo. Mathematics-Computer science teacher. Trance and Techno music style stands close to me. Horse is my favourite animal.  I have ridden for several years as well. I have two guinea pigs (Tunyacsáp and Mazsola). Favorite Book is the Roots.

Email: kerekesp(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2705


 User Support


Kovács Lajos

Tasks: Leader of the user support group. Administrator tasks of the Central Library. Management of ALEPH and METALIB servers. Tasks related to the webpage of the Central Library.

Personal: 1958, Aquarius. Mathematics - Physics - Computer Science high school teacher. I regularly cycle (road races at the ViniBike Association), running and swimming. Favorite music: Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Blackmore's Night. Favorite books: Wass Albert: Adjátok vissza a hegyeimet!, A Funtineli boszorkány, Elvásik a veres csillag, Tizenhárom almafa, Kard és kasza.

Favorite Movie: Forest Gump (Run Forest run!).

Email: kovacsl(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2013


Pálóczi Tibor

Tasks: Technical Service Provider.

Personal: -.

Email: paloczit(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2123



Bartha Mihály

Tasks: Solving IT problems of the users.

Personal: -.

Email: barthami(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2407








Nádasdi András

Tasks: IT worker.

Personal: -.


Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2367




Pál Mihály (Misi)

Tasks: Leader technician.

Personal: I was born in 1983. In my free time, I faithfully do archery, fishing. No matter what, I  just need silence! I make recordings for bands in my studio.

Email: palmihaly(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2489


Nagy Roland (Róóóland)

Tasks: Web application development, AV technician. Website Operation: Testing and developing modules, programming.

Personal: 1989, Aries. In my free time I like "tinkering" computers, reading  IT-themed books. I like challenges, unique ideas.

Email: narol(at)

Tel: (36) 42-599-400/2480