About Us

Hungarian and Comparative Literature would seem to be a more adequate and more comprehensive name
for our department than that of the official  Hungarian Literature, considering the fact that  Hungarian literature is only one segment of our profile. This also means that  the responsibility of our staff members is duplicated.  Since we are a small department, consisting of only nine people,  we cannot afford to have  narrow  specialization. This fact leads to a fairly broad educational profile, starting from antiquities to modern  and contemporary literature.  Similar variety occurs in the professional preoccupations and cultural and public activities carried out by our professional staff.

We believe, that our department is not only a dominant intellectual workshop of a region, but with continuous self-building in recent decades, it has established an opportunity to achieve a high level in education as well. Over the years, we became an intellectual workshop, undertaking a talent supporter and -builder mission with the  primarily purpose to orient our students' academic careers, and to  support the graduate students’ ambitions to obtain PhD degree.

The scientific and publishing activities of our professors cover the major  areas of literature.  We can also participate in national and sometimes international scientific forums, and recently we have become organizers of professional conferences as well.

We established good professional cooperation with  universities of Debrecen and Miskolc, and thanks to some of our colleagues, with a few foreign universities and institutions as well.

It is also an important task for us to keep in touch with the development of the  Hungarian literature abroad. Our geographical location requires us to take part in the research and the publication of the traditions of the Transcarpathian Hungarian literature and culture by editing  monograph and various publications in this field..
The creation of an electronic database to support the education is  not a so long-ranged plan. We complied to the challenges of the new educational structure  starting with  the accreditation of the  master level training in Hungarian Literature.

János István
Institute Deputy Director