College-level librarian education began in 1975 in  the College of Nyíregyháza. At first  a full-time double-major course existed, then  a correspondence course was launched in the academic year 1977/78, coupled with geography and Hungarian studies. The department has increased its double-majors under the leadership of the founder, Csendes János. Hungarian studies, history, foreign languages ​​(English, German, Russian, French), computer science, mathematics, biology, music, administration have become available to obtain a double-major  degree. The number of students steadily increased, culminating in the academic year of 2006 / 7 with a number of 600 students. Since the education system reform, the Bologna-based training, the number  of students has decreased due to the single major bachelor training. Currently the department has 76 students enrolled.
At the Faculty of  Science and Informatics of the College of Nyíregyháza training was launched in January 2000. It operates within the Mathematics and Informatics Institute with the following majors: Computer science, Program Designer, IT teacher. Bachelor courses in teacher of mathematics constitute a separate training  form.  The institute developed due to integration obtains more substantial  financial resources than previously as a department. Due different tenders the need for computers was supplied. Today 10 computer labs, nearly 180 computers are available in the institution, thus being the best-equipped institution among the others. Our instructors are constantly training professionally, they carry out researches, publish and are involved in national and international  researches. One of our colleague (Boda István 2005) is a habilitated professor (Boda István 2005). During the past five years, all members of our professional staff have earned a PhD  degree required for the  accreditation of  the major.