“Great source of spiritual enrichments results from music. We must help to open it up for others “
  (Kodály Zoltán: Choirs of Children)
The Department of Music at the College of Nyíregyháza is operating in the spirit of the above motto since 1969. Originally the students were able to obtain a double-major teaching degree, and then from 1989 they could choose a voice-music and music teacher and choral conducting major. From 1991 to the present they have an additional choice of voice-music-folk music teacher training .
Since 2007 the Department of Music has been accredited to carry out BA-level Music training (choral conducting with folk specializations) and Music Master training, where our work focuses on the knowledge of music, developing musical skills, sounding on stage and giving values.
Why should you choose the trainings of the College of Nyíregyháza?
      The College of Nyíregyháza offers a unique opportunity in this country for those who choose voice-music major. Among the institutions offering Mediating Art as basic major and Voice-Music Teacher Education, the College of Nyíregyháza is the only one, where beyond the intensive academic studies of Hungarian musical traditions, the students of Voice-Music BA. and teacher major are offered folk musical instrumental training as well. The graduated students will become engaged school-teachers of music teaching based on Hungarian folk music.
     The trainers of the department are well-known experts. Their preparedness can be indicated by their participation in national and international concert life, conferences, awards, honours, written and spoken publications. Our results of work are reflected by the previous academic years’ student works, excellent thesis’, bands, choirs, successes and prizes won by our folk formations.
      You can be a member of the Boróka Band, the Choir Gaudemus, the students’ circle of the department, the Bessenyei Workshop for Talented Students at the faculty, a the special institutional major.
      We are proud of our national and international results. Our international relationships encompass Europe, the teacher and student mobility is constantly growing (Partners: Rostock – G, Umeå – S, Jyväskyla – SF, Liverpool – GB, Leuven – B, Rzeszow – PL, Siauliai - LT). The Department of Music of the College of Nyíregyháza participates on the individual themed Erasmus Intensive Program. Since 2006 we are members of the international music pedagogical working group called ArGeNord (International Arbeitgemeinschaft Musikpädagogik der nördlichen Länder Europas), which is coordinated by experts of 5 European Higher Education Institutes. The project gives opportunity for international student / teacher collaboration. In 2006, 2 teachers and 10 students (Liverpool), in 2009, 2 teachers, 8 students (from Umeå), in 2010, 2 teachers and 10 students (Nyíregyháza) participated on a two-week intensive music education program that was combined with school teaching experience.