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BIOLOGY B.Sc. course



The biology education in the College of Nyíregyháza,  which has decades of tradition, aims to train professionals who will be able to analyze the most important correlations in biology and  obtain up-to-date    knowledge in the field of biology. Our graduates should be  familiar with the most important research methods of their own scientific areas. Based on their laboratory and practical knowledge, they should be capable  to design, evaluate and resolve biological functions, and have enough theoretical knowledge to continue their studies at  master-level education.
Since 2006 the terms of training biologists is determined  by the requirements of the three-year B.Sc. national training system. Therefore, the BSc. Training in Biology is unified in all Hungarian higher educational institutions, permitting  10-15% deviation among   the curricula of the institutions involved in training. So any BSc degree obtained in any national institution is  equivalent to each other and ensures equal opportunities for BSc graduates to continue studies at  master level. The quality of education may be different depending on the  infrastructure and  facilities provided by each institution, by its national and international relations, teaching staff,  and the number of students per one lecturer. The   Institute of Biology and the Agricultural and Molecular Biology Research Institute jointly offer trainings at the College of Nyíregyháza.
Since 2008 brand new educational facilities, research laboratories for students and teachers serve the purpose of up-to-date training.  This outstanding  infrastructure  creates a unique opportunity for high-quality education in many areas of biology not only on regional but also on national level. The candidates of the Institute of Biology can learn from experienced, senior teaching staff and well trained young  staff-members who have solid knowledge, outstanding skills, and  have international reputation  in many areas of biology.
Training specializations offered within biology:
- Specialization in Bio-analytics
- Specialization  of Hydro-biologist operator
- Teacher specialization