About Us

What is English Studies?
 English studies, or more properly, British Studies, is a broad field including the culture, that is, the language, the literature, arts, the history and the society of the United Kingdom in the first place. What we do here is, in fact, several kinds of "studies", including courses in the culture of the USA, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and so forth. So, strictly speaking, we should separate English Studies, American Studies, Australian Studies, Scottish Studies, Irish Studies, and so forth.
If you choose our Department, you will come across various subjects and study areas (see also "Courses"):
1) Skills Development (speaking, writing, reading, listening skills, grammar classes, translation, vocabulary development, the use of English): this is done mainly in the first year, concluding with the "Filter Exam" ("Alapvizsga"), which decides whether you can go on to the second year; 
2) Linguistics: this includes the study of English beyond pure practical grammar, including the History of English, Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, the English Verb, Lexicology, Pragmatics and Stylistics.
3) Literary Studies: during your three years, you will get acqainted with the literary history of the United Kingdom and the USA. This comprises of courses in classical literary history, giving a broad overview of the development of the English and American novel, poetry, and drama on the one hand; on the other hand, focusing on smaller areas, such as the Victorian novel, Victorian poetry, Renaissance drama, and so on.
4) Cultural Studies: during the B.A. training, you will also be familiarised with the culture and the history of the English-speaking countries. This means studying their present society, government, politics, and so on, and their history. The Department also offers a course in Anglo-Hungarian cultural relationships.

After finishing the first year and passing the "Filter Exam", you have THREE options:


1) taking a "minor" (a 50-credit course) besides your English major from any department of the College.
2) choosing English Studies Specialisation, where you can get deeper access to the history, culture and the arts of the United Kingdom ("Angol szakirány")
3) or you may choose Office Managament Studies, where you may acquire more practical skills, like electronic writing, office management, negotiation techniques and so on that offers you an excellent way of taking a job as translator, interpreter, or project manager at any of the multinational companies. ("Idegen nyelvű ügyintéző szakterületi specializáció)
Don't forget about our Translator and Interpreter Course that you can begin after obtaining your degree: this 3 semester course ("szakirányú továbbképzés") provides you with the necessary skills in interpreting (either consecutively or simultaneously) and translating various texts, ranging from legal to business and other official documents. For more details, see .......

Why Choose Our Courses?


 At the English Department of the College of Nyíregyháza, YOU CAN :
  • acquire varied, practical and marketable knowledge and skills within a short time
  • acquire confident English language skills
  • get to know English linguistics, the literature, history and culture of the English-speaking countries (the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia)
  • develop your translation and interpretation skills choosing specialization in Secretarial Studies and Office Communication in English
  • acquire skills in negotiation techniques and business communication
  • study English for Special Purposes  (secretarial, administrative, legal, administrative and EU terminology)
  • acquire skills in electronic writing, information technology, information management and protocol management
  • learn about administrative and office organization, time and project management


Mastering practical knowledge and skills, you will be able to perform secretarial and organizational duties in companies and institutions where communication and correspondence are conducted in two languages. You have good chances to find employment at international companies, where, besides general language knowledge, professional language skills and knowledge are needed.

In case you wish to become a teacher after the successful completion of the three year’s training, you can continue your studies at Master Level Education in British or American Studies at any university of the country, because:
• the compulsory subjects taught provide a well founded basis for the further studies of literatures in English, linguistic, as well as the studies of Anglo-Saxon civilization and culture,
• you can choose from a wide range of special skills that provide the basis for a second educational major,
• based on your initial training you can acquire the basis of a double-major training by choosing courses in psychology and pedagogy.
Important: According to the agreement of The College of Nyíregyháza and the Institution of Translation and Interpreting in Brussels, students who have obtained a BA degree from a foreign language at the Department of Humanities of the College of Nyíregyháza, may continue their 4th and 5th year of studies (MA-level studies) at the University of Brussels provided they fulfil the following conditions:
• Obtain a BA degree of Humanities from English or French or German, or Russian language (as first language).

• Fulfil the 60 credits of requirements of specialization as general translator from English or French or German or Russian (as second language).

• Have basic language skills in a third language (one of the 26 languages​​ taught in Brussels).