Department services


Services of the Department of Agricultural Sciences


Contact: 42/599-467

  1. Organization and management of courses in all areas of agricultural science
  2. Farmer-training
  3. Educational programs for vocational development
  4. Curriculum development
  5. Consultation
Research and development
  1. Piloting pesticides, growth enhancers in a small plot of major plow field and horticultural cultures and in forced conditions. Experiments of breeds in small plots.
  2. Development in Breeding Technology
  3. Plant Breeding and maintenance activities. Production of reproductive materials
  4. Finding and preserving biological basis of organic farming
  5. Technological research of biomass production for energy, considering the agro-eco potentials of varieties
  6. Micro-anatomical and morphological characterization of agricultural crops
  7. Deriving high organic matter production of  energy-plants from micro-anatomical characteristics and physiological parameters,
  8. Botanical composition of lawns
  9. Exploiting turf (grazing with different animal species, mowing), monitoring its effect on grass composition
  10. Future-trends in estimating  the  impact of usage on grass composition
Nyíregyháza, November, 2010
Dr. Vágvölgyi Sándor
head of department