Agricultural training  started in 1961 in Nyíregyháza with the foundation of  the Advanced Technical School of Agriculture. Later, on the grounds of this institute the Agricultural College was formed. Training at the Faculty of Horticulture was operating until 1976, and after a pause it  was restarted in 1991 in the Faculty of Agriculture  within the major of agricultural engineering  of the College of  Nyíregyháza. In this framework the specialized subjects of the agricultural engineering  were conducted by the Department of Agricultural Sciences.
Firstly, the offered training comprised three fields of studie (cropping, horticulture, animal husbandry), then from 1997  environmental  studies was launched as well. Considering the needs of the training, some individual disciplines were also offered by separate departments. In 2000, as a result of an academic integration, the College  of Nyíregyháza was established, where the agricultural engineer training  continued in the original organizational structure until 2007, when some former departments have merged and created the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Management, and the Department of Rural Development. Following the national higher education reform, the agricultural engineer education  shifted to the Bologna system and from 2005 only BSC training is available for the future agricultural engineers. After the BSc pre-accreditation of agricultural engineering,  the final accreditation was achieved in 2008. The staff of the Department  of Agricultural Sciences  developed and accredited the program of the Plant breeders and Plant technologist graduate training besides the basic training. The Department of the Landscape and the Rural Development manages the “Agriculture and Rural Development Engineer" vocational training. Besides the department’s educational activity,  a  great emphasis is laid on research as well. Besides the technology and research development of the region's traditional agricultural sectors, there is more and more emphasis on the development of biological bases, organic farming  and research of bio-energy.
Earlier leaders of the department:
Dr. Galó Miklós (1991-1998)
Dr. Géczi László (1999-2003)
Dr. Apostol János (2004-2007)
Dr. Técsy László (2001-2002)
Dr. Györkös István (2002-2007)
Dr. Vágvölgyi Sándor (1998-)